Nephrys Darkwater

Fantasy Author

I know everyone has their ups and downs, but for the last 10 yrs or so, I felt like I lived in a hole that did nothing but grow deeper and began to swallow me whole. Then Katelyn tossed me a rope ladder. While at first, I was skeptical, I decided to grab on anyway. Thanks to her support, I broke free of that hole and was able to be free again. I fought. And won.

Become a Time Master Complete System

Ash Haight

Fantasy Author

Don't let this opportunity become a regret!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s The 90 Day Book Program and Why Is It Important?

The 90 Day Book Program is the proven, step-by-step book writing system I developed and perfected throughout the years of my writing journey.


This powerful and simple to follow system takes an idea and turns it into a book.


It makes writing a book so much easier and more enjoyable. 


Learn to implement the techniques and tools from this program to experience reduced stress, fear, and writer’s block.


See for yourself how you start writing down your thoughts on paper with a speed you never thought possible, as well as crystal clarity on your idea. 


This program is nothing like you’ve ever tried before… 


I truly mean it. 


My students achieve 100% success rate!


No other program can say that.


Join me and other like-minded writers and have your book 100% written in 90 days or less.


2. Who Can Benefit from the 90 Day Book program?

3. What’s Included in the 90 Day Book program and which level should I choose?

Absolutely. The tools and techniques inside the program are tested and are true whether you’re writing self-help, memoir, fantasy, romance, or any other genre.

6. What if I Have Questions About the Training Once I Start Going Through the Program?

7. Is There a Guarantee?

8. How do I get started with the 90 Day Book program?