The Formatting Mastery Course

The one-stop-shop for authors to confidently format their book for eBook and paperback to then move right on to the publishing phase.

Here's What's Inside:

Software Consideration

When it comes to formatting, the first big question is... what software should I use?


Inside, we go into an explanation of each of the available options, what to consider, a sneak peak inside, and also our recommendation for your formatting needs.

Step-By-Step Tutorial Training

Formatting can feel a bit overwhelming. Especially when you haven't done it before or you've had frustrating experiences in the past. 


That's where we come in to make it simple and step-by-step. Yes, you too can format your book!


We walk you through one step at a time with full-length videos you can watch at your own pace, pause, implement, and utilize until your book is 100% the way you envision for the final product. 


End with a product you absolutely love!

Plug-and-Play Templates and Swipe Files

If having step-by-step content wasn't enough, we also have downloadable, plug-and-play templates and swipe files designed to set you up for success and make the process even easier for you. 


That way, all you have to do is make the adjustments so the final product is truly yours.

Want a Sneak Peak? Here's What to Expect

Are You Ready to Master Your Formatting?

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