A. J. Keiser

Fantasy Author

Jennifer Andersen Smith

Memoir Author

"While at first I was skeptical, I finally saw the light at the end. I actually did it; I wrote my book! 


I am so beyond words... my book showed up. I'm so excited! I'm holding in my hands a book I wrote with my name on the bottom."

Nephrys Darkwater

Fantasy Author

"I know everyone has their ups and downs, but for the last 10 years or so, I felt like I lived in a hole that did nothing but grow deeper and begin to swallow me whole. Then Katelyn tossed me a rope ladder. While at first, I was skeptical, I decided to grab on anyway. Thanks to her support, I broke free of that hole and was able to be free again. I fought. And won."

Dr. G. B. Bradley

Christian Author and
Children's Books Author

"I had written a story but I needed help. A young lady named Eva Haley helped me by creating several beautiful illustrations. I then took my story and my illustrations to Katelyn, who helped me through every step I needed to see my book in print. 


I am very pleased with what Katelyn has done. I highly recommend her services."

“Don’t think, just book!! If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name on your finished book, available for the world to buy and read, then Katelyn Silva’s program is for you!

Despite a busy corporate career, I’ve felt the urge to write a book for years. From the outside, it seemed like an easy enough process. I opened a word document and started typing. Then stopped. Then started. Then felt blocked. The end. Until now.

I started her Bootcamp in order to gain clarity on how to actually plan and structure my writing project. The online format suits me really well as I can draw upon the materials whenever it fits into my schedule. Katelyn has been incredibly responsive to my questions and, for the first time, I am actually making progress towards my dream.

I love the fact that Katelyn has successfully published several books of her own and has mastered the process. She knows the business end to end. Frankly, I wish I’d found her sooner! If you truly want to write that book of yours, I highly recommend Katelyn Silva as your next step towards actually achieving your dream of becoming an author!”

Vinita Temmert

Psychologist, Transformational Coach, and Author

"Katelyn supported me to publish my first couple of books.

I was total newbie in writing and publishing books when we started working together, and she helped me tremendously during that time.

She was great support and she was always there when I needed her and when I was stuck with something. She always put lots of effort to accommodate my needs.

Overall, it was great experience having her as my mentor!"

Silvana Siskov

Health Coach and Author

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