Inside I'm Teaching:

  • The benefits of hosting a book signing and how it opens opportunities for you and your book

  • The #1 mistake authors make when preparing for and hosting a book signing (and what to do instead)

  • The critical components and how to set yourself up for maximum success

  • How to maximize results during and after the signing and get even more invitations for future signings

  • Plus some fun bonuses, even if you're an introvert

One of the biggest vision elements aspiring authors have is getting to host their very own book signing.


And after publishing, how to go about hosting a book signing is one of the first questions authors ask.




They feel overwhelmed wondering...


  • How do I choose a venue? And how do I get them to book me?
  • Should it be in a book store?
  • What kind of agreement should I make for profit?
  • When should I order my books? And how many?
  • How do I get people to come over and get a copy of my book?


Among many other questions.


Sound familiar?

That's why I put together the How to Host a Wildly Successful Book Signing full-length Masterclass.

Inside, I'm answering all these questions and more. I go step-by-step in full detail, along with specific suggestions for different genres and how to get the right kind of attention for you and your book... even if you're an introvert.


Not only that, I'm equipping you with the additional resources you need to set you up for success.


Here's what's included:

Get Unlimited Access to the How to Host a Wildly Successful Book Signing Masterclass

Get Instant and Unlimited Access to the Full Masterclass to Come Back to As Many Times as You Like and on Your Own Time!


Total Value: $97

Bonus: Get the How to Host a Wildly Successful Book Signing Workbook

Download the Workbook, Print or Fill it Out, and Use it During the Masterclass to Get the Most Out of It and Set Yourself Up for Success!


Total Value: $47

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Bonus: Get the Complete Book Signing Checklist

Along with the Workbook, You Get the Complete Book Signing Checklist to Be Set Up for Success and Feel Confident in Hosting Your Event


Total Value: $17

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the Masterclass

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